North Central Kids Music was created in 2008, the year after Maclean’s Magazine declared Regina’s North Central to be the worst neighborhood in Canada.


We think most people would agree that the way to improve the neighborhood is through collective effort on the part of politicians, community leaders, residents, schools, churches, elders, businesses, property developers, landlords, arts and culture organizations, sports and recreation organizations, activists, the media, police, social workers, rehabilitation agencies, aboriginal groups, the health sector, post-secondary education outreach, tribal councils, food banks, city planners, anti-poverty groups and concerned citizens in greater Regina and Saskatchewan. We want to make our contribution to this effort by helping kids to be better kids.


Our belief is that kids who create music are better kids.  Making music has been shown to build self-esteem, instill self-confidence, engender positive peer relations, strengthen brain function related to reading and mathematics, create a mood-altering option, hone patience and persistence, foster flexibility and adaptability, invite family support, bolster community pride, exercise abstract thinking, develop coordination, and create a potential emotional retreat for the besieged.


Many kids in North Central Regina cannot participate in musical opportunities provided elsewhere in the city because families cannot afford program fees or music lessons, or they lack transportation, or they just can’t manage the logistics of getting their kids to activities.



       What we want to do specifically is