Kids Music Program (The Euphonious Kids) is a fun music program with the goal of having kids sing or play a guitar or fiddle, starting with very easy tunes and progressing as their skills permit. Those who feel ready, can participate in performances at events in the North Central neighborhood. This program is a partnership between North Central Community Association and North Central Kids Music. It is scheduled for 4 to 6 pm each Monday and Thursday from September to May, at the mamaweyatitan centre, 3355 6th Avenue. Seven Stones Drum Circle is a lunch break program at Seven Stones School on Wednesdays. What is a Drum Circle? A drum circle is a fun activity where kids sit in a circle and do hand drumming using djembe and other drums and a variety of other percussion instruments. The idea is to play the same or different rhythms using taps, slaps and tones, all while keeping a steady pulse. The other percussion instruments include shakers, bells, tambourines and woodblocks. Body percussion involves snaps, claps, pats and stamps. Vocal sounds can be used as well. Ti Ti Ta Toe or Un-gi, Mun-gi, Chika Chika Chun-gi. If you can say it, you can play it. Whatever the instrument, members listen to one another and contribute what they feel comfortable with, until they feel the power of unity in the group. Everyone leaves with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of community, and uplifted spirits. Music Lessons with registered music teachers are arranged by North Central Kids Music who will help pay for them and help to overcome obstacles to getting kids to lessons.